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Watch Monks Create Sand Mandala in St. Pete This Week

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Monks from India are visiting St. Petersburg this week to create a sand mandala.

This is the third time they’ve visited St. Pete and they say it’s important for them to make these trips to teach people about their beliefs and culture.

“They apply it one grain of sand at a time,” said Katie Deits with Florida Craft Art.

Talk about patience.  Katie Deits with Florida Craft Art has seen these Tibetan monks in action twice before.

She said thousands of people will come to watch them create these sand mandalas.

This year’s mandala will represents healing — it’s called medicine buddah.

You can come watch the monks work throughout the week.

The mandala won’t be complete until Sunday, and then it’s destroyed and the monks use the sand to bless Tampa Bay.

“According to buddhist philosophy, mostly it’s a training of the mind transforming the mind,” Monk Minyak Rinpoche said. “So for that we’re always controlling our mind and emotions which effects the mind so we practice patience, tolerance, and compassion.” 

These Tibetan monks also do this to raise money for their monestary back in India, where 2,000 monks live. 

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