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USF team 3D maps ‘active’ depression in Pasco County

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. — Officials in Pasco County are keeping a close watch on a depression they say is still active. It’s right next to a New Port Richey sports bar. So far, the Varsity Club building foundation doesn’t seem affected, but they have had to close. RELATED: Pasco depression expanding at ‘rapid’ rate, forcing closuresThey are hoping county officials give them the green light to be able to open again soon. “Wow. I cannot believe how deep this is,” said David Purdy.Purdy was one of several people that came by this massive hole just to take a look. He says his real concern is the future of one of his favorite watering holes.“Are they going to have to close down the restaurant? Are employees going to lose their jobs?” he asked.Pasco County officials say the depression grew another three feet overnight and is now about 38 feet wide and 70 feet deep.USF Geologists came out Thursday morning and are using 3D mapping technology to study the depression. The video they provided takes you underground to see the scope of what they are dealing with.The depression is on private property so it will be up to the Varsity and the nearby Spring Haven Condominium complex to fix it.Both have hired engineering firms.This spot is normally a place to gather for eating, drinking and watching sports. Now, unwanted attraction is the giant hole.“I don’t think there’s any real concern for anybody. Except for maybe the bar. If they were open I would have stopped in for a Bloody Mary or something,” said Bruce Wernet.

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