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TPD launches new system that lets you file a report online

TAMPA, Fla. — The Tampa Police Department launched a new system that allows residents to file reports online.

Tampa residents can now use the Desk Officer Reporting System (DORS) to file the report. You must have a valid email address and be at least 18 years old to use DORS.

The incident or offense must have taken place in Tampa, police say.

Residents can file a report on DORS for the following offenses:

  • Check Forgery
  • Credit or Debit Card Fraud
  • Identity Theft
  • Phone Scams
  • Traffic crash with no injuries, road obstructions, or impairments
  • Criminal Mischief
  • Shoplifting or Retail Theft that does not involve the theft of firearms or
  • Prescription medication
  • Harassing Phone Calls
  • Theft of services
  • Theft of package(s) from your doorstep
  • Lost Property that does not involve firearms or prescription medication

You can click here for more information on DORS.

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