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Teacher Explains her Decision to go Virtual When Schools Reopen

Stacie Yule has taught at the elementary and middle school levels in Citrus County for almost a decade. Because of the ongoing pandemic, she had to make a decision that, she felt, was best for her and her family.

What You Need To Know

“My son really wanted to enroll in the virtual school being offered, and with me being able to teach from home, that kind of makes it a little bit easier,” Yule explained.

She told Spectrum News she’s prepared for the challenges.

“It’ll be more of us reaching out if we’re noticing that student struggling in a certain area. They need to be pulled for a virtual small group – things like that.”

Virtual school style is recommended for students who work best independently.

“If a student’s not self-motivated – If a student knows that they’ll need a little bit of extra help in person – then maybe the virtual aspect isn’t going to be for them,” Yule said.

That’s because there are still important deadlines that Virtual School students need to meet.

“I think the biggest misconception is the expectation that this is going to look like what it did in the spring with distance learning, and this isn’t anything like what that was,” Yule said.

“This is a well thought out, well laid out, well planned tool that’s going to be an option for those students who can integrate this into their lives.”

August 20th is the new start date for students in Citrus County for both online and in-class learning. Students will have to stay in their chosen learning option for a full semester before making a transition, if they choose to.

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