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Storms Start Early at the Coast

TAMPA, Fla. — Storms will start in the morning in the Gulf and at the coast.

What You Need To Know

  • Expect a southwest wind Sunday
  • Storms will move toward the Atlantic
  • The pattern will continue through the week
  • Get the 7-Day Forecast

Storms are possible early in the Gulf and at the coast, with the onshore wind pattern.

So, if your plans include a morning walk on the beach, keep a close eye on Klystron 9 early on Sunday.

Highs will be near normal, but the humidity will be high with a southwest wind.

On Sunday, the storms will move inland and into the Atlantic early. It might be easier to get a dog walk in during the evening.

This pattern with storms in the morning near the coast and inland afternoon storms will be with us through the week.

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Boating Forecast

In the morning, expect west-southwest winds and a few showers and storms over the Gulf and at the coast.

The afternoon will likely have fewer storms over the Gulf.

Tropical Update

Tropical Storm Josephine is well east of Puerto Rico.

Wind shear will continue to battle the system, making it weaken over the next couple of days.

Josephine is expected to pass to the north of the Caribbean islands. Wind shear will continue along its path. 

If it survives, it will stay east of the U.S.

Tropical Storm Kyle is off the East Coast of the United States, remains disorganized, and is moving away from land. It will become non-tropical over the next few days.

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