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St. Petersburg man donates 125 gallons of blood

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — In the wake of the pandemic, blood banks are in critical need of donors. Thursday marked Paul Inskeep’s 125th gallon of blood donated. He started donating platelets back in 1992.“I do it 24 times a year,” explained Paul Inskeep.That’s six gallons per year. Platelets are essential for fighting cancer, chronic diseases and traumatic injuries.“I know people need it, and I think we should help as many people as we can. That’s what we’re here for, to help people out,” Inskeep added.People like Natalie Abreu-Horne who survived leukemia two years ago.“Platelets were very difficult to find one that my body would accept. So, I was very, very grateful to anybody who donated platelets and blood, to help me get through that,” said Natalie Abreu-Horne.Thursday she surprised Inskeep and thanked him for his life-saving gift.“It’s emotional, I’m a survivor of leukemia. It’s people like you, who helped save my life,” Abreu-Horne said. “I can’t explain really the emotion that goes through, meeting somebody like Paul that just donates for people in need like myself. It saves our lives.” Inskeep joins the ranks of less than 50 Floridians to reach the 125-gallon milestone. His goal is to reach 200 gallons by 2033. One Blood is celebrating Inskeep for his generous donations.“I’m not done yet. It’s just a stepping stone to my 200+, until I just can’t give it anymore. That’s my ultimate goal,” he said.

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