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Sarasota Memorial Hospital leader in COVID-19 internal clinical trials

SARASOTA, Fla. — Sarasota Memorial Hospital leads the nation in recruiting for inpatient clinical trials for COVID-19.SMH has been on the forefront of testing drugs like Remdesivir that are now used to fight COVID-19 in patients around the world.Since August, the hospital has been conducting trials for the same antibody cocktail President Trump recently used. Doctors say those who meet the requirements can get it at SMH as well.”Here in Sarasota, the average person walking into the hospital can get the same treatment as the president. Starting out with the Remdesivir, the anti-body cocktail, and dexamethasone,” said Dr. Kirk Voelker, SMH Clinical Research director.Right now, the hospital has three types of clinical trials. An inpatient trial, an outpatient trial and a preventative trial given to at-risk people to protect them from exposure.Doctors say they hope the president’s treatment will encourage others who are COVID positive to want to take part in the trials.

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