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Power Hour online chat helps parents and students deal with stresses of school during the pandemic

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Eric Arapi believes he is a good dad. And during this challenging time, he wants to be even better.”We’re all in the same battle, and trying to deal with the same things,” says Arapi.His daughter is a 10th grade student at Northeast High School in St. Petersburg. She is currently e-learning, but plans to return to the physical classroom next semester.To better help her and help himself, Eric registered for a Power Hour webinar, an online support chat for parents hosted by Pinellas County Schools. Part of the Parent Academy workshops, the free Power Hours cover an array of topics. They help parents find the resources they need, but also supporting them during an anxious schooling period.Eric’s Power Hour was specifically for dads. There is one for “overwhelmed” moms scheduled for November 10.He says the message of the “Power Hours” is a simple, soothing one.”Just be there, and do the best you can,” Arapi says. “And know that you’re going to mess up, but your children aren’t expecting you to be perfect.”Here is a list of the upcoming Power Hour topics in October:October 13: Behind every data point is a childOctober 15: The importance of literacy supports and toolsOctober 20: Community resources: How can we help?October 27: Digital parenting: How to stay aheadEach webinar runs from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. To register for an upcoming Power Hour, click here.

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