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Physician’s stolen briefcase exposed 4,000 patients’ info, Moffitt Cancer Center says

TAMPA, Fla. — The Moffitt Cancer Center is notifying patients about a data breach investigation.

On July 4, Moffitt learned that one of its physicians suffered a vehicle break-in two days prior.

The stolen briefcase had two personal electronic storage drives and printouts of clinical schedules containing the health and demographic information of around 4,000 patients.

That information included patient names, dates of birth, medical record numbers and/ or limited information regarding the nature of services received at Moffitt.

Social security numbers and financial info were not included.

Moffitt immediately began an investigation and say there was no indication that the info was viewed or misused.

The investigation did not rule out the possibility that the info on the drives or on the schedules may have been accessible to an unknown person.

Patients who believe they were affected by this incident can call 1-888-253-7598.

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