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‘Mosi-in-a-Box’ delivers crate of science fun for kids from the Tampa museum to homes and classrooms

TAMPA, Fla. — The Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa is getting into the delivery business.

To reach more people during the pandemic, “MOSI-in-a-Box” is a rentable crate packed with hands-on science fun and activities that can be shipped to homes, classrooms and libraries.

“MOSI-in-a-Box” themes range from space to animals to plants.

For example, with the interstellar box kids can learn how a star forms using a hair-dryer and flying Styrofoam and fling marbles to illustrate gravitational pull.

The boxes come with instructions and how-to videos.

MOSI will rent the boxes for $150 per week. Up to 150 students can participate.

The museum will also be hosting an e-learning hub in their computer labs, a safe place for students during the school year.

Parents can drop students off and educators will be on hand to offer assistance. For more information, click here.

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