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More Slow-Moving PM Storms

TAMPA, Fla. — The mornings will be drier and cooler with the afternoon bringing scattered storms.

What You Need To Know

  • High pressure is overhead
  • Sea breeze storms develop during the days
  • Storms may not move very much
  • Get the 7-Day Forecast

With high pressure anchored over the area from the surface through the mid-levels, winds will be light and storms will move little. A sea breeze will develop the next couple afternoons and will work inland slowly.

Scattered storms will develop near the coast, especially from midday into the early afternoon. Storms will continue to pop up into the evening, just about anywhere.

With this pattern, some areas will see very heavy rain, while others get nothing. So, you may still have to water your lawn if you are not one of the lucky ones.

It will be more comfortable if you get up early to get that run in. The afternoon heat index will again be 100 to 109.

Boating Forecast

A few showers and thunderstorms will be in the eastern Gulf of Mexico through the evening.

Storms will move from the coast to Tampa Bay by midday. Chances will continue near the Bay through the afternoon.

Storms will create locally gusty winds and rough conditions otherwise bay and inland waters are smooth to a light chop.


You can keep up with the latest lightning strikes on our website, just scroll down and you can find the county map for your area. Remember that when you are at the beach, it usually takes more time to get to a safe place when storms approach.

Remember, when thunder roars – go indoors!

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