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Looking Deeper Into Kamala Harris’ as a VP Candidate Pick

NATIONWIDE — The Biden campaign has certainly picked up steam in the days since Kamala Harris joined the ticket, with surging in fundraising and more crowds since he made the announcement. 

What You Need To Know

  • It is speculated that her selection will help the Democrats

It’s a historic pick since she is the first female Black, South Asian-American and African American serving as a presidential nominee’s running mate. 

It’s likely to engage a voting bloc that could ultimately help Democrats win the election.

“While her pick is historic, it does serve to engage a voting bloc that’s not just going to vote like they did in 2016 but is more likely to get out and work. What I mean by work is engaging neighbors, and holding small dollar fundraisers,” said political analyst Ed Narain.

He was asked a question that many have been discussing since Harris’ announcement: Was her selection has Biden’s running mate just a part of a strategy to engage certain voting blocs due to race and gender?

“To anybody that would say that she was only picked because she was African American, they obviously don’t recognize the record that Sen. Harris has accumulated over her time in electoral politics,” he said.

The former California attorney general is wasting no time in going after the Trump administration and will face Mike Pence at the Vice Presidential debate on October 7.

But her first big test is this Wednesday when she speaks at the Democratic National Convention. 

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