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Longtime Florida Republican Mike Fasano Endorses Joe Biden

Mike Fasano is as Republican as it gets. He started his career as the president of the Pasco County Young Republicans. He voted for Ronald Reagan. He became a staple in state politics as a former Florida House and Senate GOP leader.

In 2020, he is endorsing Democrat Joe Biden for President.

What You Need To Know

“I know people are upset with me for saying this, but our president is an embarrassment to our country, to my party, the Republican Party,” Fasano said in an interview.

Fasano, the current Pasco County Tax Collector, announced his endorsement of Biden on Thursday through a video on social media.

It was shared all around the country.

“I’m hoping people get a positive message from my message,” Fasano said.

That message comes as millions of Floridians have already voted in the election, which he acknowledges.

“Shame on me for waiting this long,” Fasano said. “This is something I knew about weeks ago, probably months ago – that I wasn’t going to support Donald Trump.”

Even still, Florida Democrats welcomed the endorsement from a longtime GOP leader who’s respected on both sides of the aisle.

Saint Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman was among them, tweeting, “I’m not surprised to see him putting patriotism ahead of party. A good man.”

To his fellow Republicans, Fasano had this to say:

“I can appreciate Republicans not being happy with me. Especially those that have worked with me over the years. “I’ve heard from them. I’ve also heard from Republicans that have thanked me and tell me that they feel the same.”

Fasano says he did not vote in the presidential election in 2016. This year, he will vote for all Republicans on the ballot, except for president.

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