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Life in the Time of Coronavirus: Mom-Daughter Team Runs Insurance Company

Imagine having new ideas about how to do your job, and finding the courage to strike out on your own in spite of a world crisis.

What You Need To Know

Lisa Hast opened Iron Rock Insurance in June as the country wrestled with the Coronavirus pandemic.

She says her work as a salesperson gave her the confidence to open the agency now.

The new Managing Partner had worked in insurance for 37 years at the same company.

Now on her own, she is using technology to keep in touch with clients virtually.

And she hired her first employee—her daughter Tori.

“We love working together. We have a great dynamic,” said Hast. “I get to see my kid every day. What more can a mom want.”

Another benefit of being her own boss — her intern Remy.

“She’s a one-year-old Boston Terrier. And Remy goes everywhere with me,” said Hast.

Hast says her positive attitude comes from years of selling insurance – and finding a silver lining in a negative situation.

“What I’m hoping for us as a society to glean from Covid? It is to be appreciative,” she said. “Be more understanding of what everybody else is going through, because as bad as you have it, somebody else has it a lot worse.”

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