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How This Pandemic Is Shaping The Health Of Your Children

Experts Say with School in Session and Children Forced to Spend More Time in Front of Digital Devices, Nearsightedness Among School-Aged Children Is on the Rise.

The National Association of School Nurses Teams Up with Dr. Rupa Wong to Provide Tips to Create a Healthier Learning Environment and Share Advice on How To Safeguard Your Children’s Vision

With schools reopened – some in person and some virtual parent’s fears about their children’s health and safety during this pandemic are at an all-time high. They have unanswered questions, missed health screenings, and are potentially unaware of issues their children might be experiencing that could impact the future of their vision if left untreated. Experts say more time in front of digital devices and drastically reduced time spent outdoors are conditions contributing to myopia – or nearsightedness, which is rapidly increasing among school-aged children and currently affects more than 40% of

Donna Mazyck, Executive Director of the National Association of School Nurses, is teaming up with Harvard-trained eye surgeon and mom-of-three Dr. Rupa Wong to give parents and caregivers expert tips on how to address these issues and keep their kids safe and healthy this school year.

Creating a Healthy Learning Environment: School nurses are playing a major role in creating healthier school environments for students to learn. Donna will discuss new school protocols and provide tips for parents to recreate healthy environments for virtual learning.

Staying Healthy and Connected: Donna will discuss support available to keep parents in-the-know and kids healthy – from virtual nurse office hours, to important health screenings, and how to help children cope with life in the time of coronavirus – from home-to-school transitions to caring for kids. She’ll also discuss how nurses are assisting with food and medication deliveries to support families and students.

Safeguarding Your Child’s Vision During COVID – New school protocols present more challenges for learning and growing and require more screen time and learning from a distance. Dr. Rupa will discuss key signs and symptoms to look for in your child’s eye health over the school year. She’ll also provide essential tips and tricks to maintaining healthy eyes – in home and at school.

Navigating Eye Examinations and Eye Care – Dr. Rupa will help parents identify important milestones and eye screenings that children need to stay up to date on their eye health. She’ll also help parents navigate the latest scientific and technological interventions for children to help correct vision starting at a young age.

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