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Forever Youngsters pairs foster kids with beauty specialists to teach hygiene habits and confidence

TAMPA, Fla — Mei-Lin Reisin is fighting back tears. She is the co-owner of Tampa’s Forever Young Aesthetics.

Today her team of beauty and skin-care experts are helping out some new clientele: foster children.

Mei-Lin wants these kids to “feel empowered and confident, happy and successful.”

She is as overwhelmed with joy as they are with the results of the very first event.

For three hours on a Saturday, Mei-Lin and her Forever Young team are teaching the kids about personal hygiene, self care and building confidence by treating yourself right.

It is working, but they have a long way to go.

“We wake up, we put our deodorant on, we brush our teeth,” says Mei-Lin’s business partner Rick Young. “Some of these kids don’t even know how to do these basic things.”

The free program is called Forever Youngsters, a partnership with the community stars at Doublemint Sitting. The program is being hosted at the cute, cozy Camp Doublemint space at WestShore Plaza.

As well as playing games like Personal Hygiene Bingo and learning sweat zones locations, the kids get gift bags stuffed with toiletries and Target cards.

The beauty superstars would like to expand the program in the future. Right now they are finding out what works and what doesn’t.

All Mei-Lin knows is that her tears tell her she’s on to something good.

To find out more about the Forever Youngsters program, click here.

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