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Florida on a Tankful: The History and Mystery of the Don CeSar Hotel

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Off the beautiful waters of the Gulf Coast sits a palace of sorts — a hotel built decades ago now stands as a relic to the past in St. Pete Beach. 

Our Caitlin Wilson explores the history and mystery of the Don CeSar Hotel in this week’s Florida on a Tankful. 

1. The Don CeSar hotel is an iconic and historic spot located in St Pete Beach. You can book a few nights or just tour the hotel. 

2. They have daily tours where their guides will take you on a historic and evenly ghostly tour of the hotel. During the on going pandemic though you should call ahead to make sure they are giving tours on that day. 

3. In addition to the tours they also have a spa on site and a restaurant. 

4. The hotel is open daily, but be sure to call ahead to make reservations 

5. For more information check out their website.

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