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Eat Pinellas discount dining club brings business back to restaurants while helping food pantries

DUNEDIN, Fla. — The new Eat Pinellas discount dining club hopes to help a lot of people.

Diners pay $35 a year for the membership and receive up to 20% off their bill at more than 150 Pinellas County restaurants.

Eat Pinellas hopes this drives customers back to local restaurants during a tough time. The club is especially courting Mom & Pop establishments in order to boost local economies.

There is an even better incentive to join.

For every membership bought or renewed, Eat Pinellas will donate part of proceeds to feed local families and support such nonprofits as Dunedin Cares, Feast Food Pantry, Feeding the Fosters and more.

Guilt-free eating? Doesn’t get better than that.

For more information on Eat Pinellas, click here.

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