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Back to the Future: Tampa Bay Business Recreates Classic Time-Traveling DeLorian

CLEARWATER, Fla. — While the rest of us have struggled through every single day of this crazy year, Bradley Dispaigne and Joseph Benson have been spending their time back in time constructing the worlds most famous time machine: The iconic DeLorean from the movie Back to the Future.

“It’s been about a year,” said Dispaigne. “The car was bought in September 2019 and from there I took it to DMC Orlando and stood there for about three months to get it fixed. Once it was up and running, we got back and we started working on it.”

“From the inside, the outside,” said Benson. “The cables, wires, we got the flux capacitor in there, we got the times are good, wormhole, plutonium chamber everything.” but their love of the movie is no joke. Collecting cam quarters, sports almanac, even a case of plutonium. And now they’ve discovered that Time is money.

“It’s rented per hour for commercials special birthday parties,” Benson said.  “We have New Year’s eve party is already booked. It’s amazing, like how we feel about the car but to see every else feel that same enjoyment as well, it’s beautiful.”

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